volunteer to join the filmmaking team behind the world is on fire

Today, one in just over a hundred people worldwide are living in forced displacement. That’s more than 65 million people total. We need the help of as many volunteers as possible directly connected to refugee communities to help us empower them to share their all-important stories. 

THE WORLD IS ON FIRE is a redfitz original documentary film that will trace the personal stories of these refugees and migrants during this unprecedented moment in history by interweaving tens of thousands of video clips, photographs, phone calls, video calls and texts provided by thousands of the subjects themselves. At no other time in history has this been possible. But today, many refugees and migrants have phones to communicate with and a camera to capture pieces of their journey. In the style of National Geographic's ONE DAY ON EARTH, this subject-captured material will bring viewers so close to these journeys they'll feel it could easily have been them being forced to flee – because it could have been...

We're building a global team of volunteers passionate about and connected to the refugee and migrant crisis to help refugees and migrants share videos they've captured on their mobile phones at some stage of their migration (before, during, or after). If you're in touch with refugee communities or can be and want to help make this important film happen, sign up here and we'll welcome you to the team and get you the tools!

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