Tom Paul

An Emmy Award winning Re-Recording Mixer and a highly regarded Sound Designer,  Tom Paul is one of New York City's most sought after talents in the field  of post production audio.

Tom got his professional start as a boom operator in 1988, moving on to production mixing in 1991.  Some notable titles of his early years in production sound include: Trust, The Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman, Little Odessa, Swoon and The Yards

In 1994, his passion for sound lead him to the creative environment of post production.  Some highlights of his sound design and re-recordng credits include the Academy Award winning films The Fog of War and Born Into Brothels.  Other notable films include: The Square, Starboard Light, Conflict: Miniseries, Blue Caprice, When I Walk, Junebug, Palindromes, The Baxter, The King and U2 360, the largest selling concert DVD of all time.   Tom won a Primetime Emmy for outstanding mixing on Joe Berlinger's Under African Skies.

Further integrating Tom's passion for music and sound, Tom composed and performed original piano music for a beautiful Bulgarian filmed called AVÉ, selected for competition in Critic's Week, at Cannes 2011.

A New York City native, Tom Paul was surrounded by music and sound from the moment he was born.  As the son of an opera singer father and pianist mother, Tom's exposure to the power of music planted the seed for his passion and aptitude for all things sonic.