Eliza Fitzhugh

Eliza was born and raised in the grand metropolis of Montpelier, Vermont (yup, you're right, that is the only state capitol without a McDonalds), and is just a tad obsessed with the Green Mountain State. She was able to free herself from that obsession long enough to venture out west for a four-year stint at Colorado College, where she instead obsessed over slides in dark rooms (aka Art History). She then moved even further west to San Francisco, where she worked in corporate marketing. Ultimately, it was that marketing job that convinced her to pursue a MFA in graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design (aka RISD). The three grad school years were definitely the most intense, grueling and rewarding experience of her life.

Eliza currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and works as a Senior Designer at SYPartners in Manhattan. She spends her days dreaming up fresh, interactive, meaningful ways to display graphic design in a 3-dimensional space (aka exhibit design). Oh, and she loves it!